The flynas Board approves an increase in new orders up to 250 planes

The flynas Board of Directors has approved the strategic plan of the company and also approved a proposal to raise the number of aircraft ordered to 250. Upon reviewing the financial results for the year 2021, the Board of Directors focused on the company’s remarkable success in quickly recovering from COVID-19 pandemic repercussions and praised the company’s ability to manage the crisis in a timely fashion and return to pre-pandemic operating levels within a record timeframe.

The flynas Board approves an increase in new orders up to 250 planesManaging Director and CEO of flynas Bander Almohanna commended the Board of Directors’ tremendous support, expressing gratitude for its trust and ambition. “The decision of the Board of Directors of flynas to raise our new aircraft orders to 250 supports our effort to achieve the Civil Aviation Strategy, and expresses the Board of Directors’ belief in the growth opportunities and positive perspective of domestic and international markets,” Almohanna said.

The Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation Strategy seeks to connect Saudi Arabia with more than 250 worldwide destinations by 2030 and increase passenger traffic to 330 million passengers annually. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, flynas will become the biggest low-cost airline after these agreements are finalized. The company will also be the largest owner and operator of modern aircraft in the region.