KSRelief team meets UNDP officials for Arab States

KSRelief’s Assistant Supervisor for Operations and Programs, Ahmed bin Ali Al-Baiz, met at the center’s headquarters in Riyadh with the Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and Director of the United Nations Development Program’s Regional Office for the Arab States, Dr. Khalida Bouzar, along with team members from both sides.

KSRelief team meets UNDP officials for Arab StatesAl-Baiz outlined developments in the humanitarian and relief projects implemented by the center, which encompass 1,919 projects in 79 countries around the world, primarily in Yemen. KSRelief and UNDP discussed ways to enhance cooperation and coordination between the two organizations to assist the needy in Arab countries. The center’s humanitarian efforts, as well as the efforts of the Kingdom to assist those in need around the world, were praised by Khalida Bouzar.